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I was born and initially lived in South Africa, where my mother tongue was English.  I studied at the Sorbonne in Paris and then went on to Israel, where I lived for 40 years and acquired a command of Hebrew at a mother-tongue level.

In Israel I practiced Law, mainly in Hebrew, and also taught legal English to law students at Haifa University. 

Since retiring from Law and settling in Los Angeles, I have returned to my old love of languages and have worked intensively over the last 6 years in the field of interpreting and translating. I have gained considerable experience, principally in legal interpreting and translating, as well as in commerce and other fields.

As a  registered  Hebrew-English and French-English interpreter with the Judicial Council of California, I have interpreted at hundreds of court trials and depositions throughout California and beyond, as well as in the field of health care. I belong to various translation associations, including those listed below.

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Interpreting (verbal) ► simultaneous
► consecutive Interpreting
► court trials
► depositions
► hospitals and medical venues in California and throughout the U.S.A.

Translating (written) ► legal
► commercial
► financial documents
► official documents and certificates

Clients ► translating agencies
► lawyers
► other clients worldwide

Jonathan Goldberg, LL.B.
Los Angeles

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